Advertising Terms And Conditions

1. Payment for each advertisement shall be at the rate specified in the Classifieds section in this website and shall be payable before processing and placement of advertising in this site. Three Sisters Gift Shop (“TSGS”) reserves the right to discontinue advertisement if payment is overdue. All costs in relation to collection of overdue payment will be payable by the advertiser. TSGS reserves the right to change advertisement pricing without notice.

2. The advertisement does not mislead, deceive or breach the Fair Trading Act, is not defamatory, indecent or offensive, does not infringe copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights, nor breach any rule of law. The advertisement shall not present a brand, a link to another website, product or service that sounds, looks or could reasonably be confused with, a TSGS brand, trade mark, product or service. The advertisement shall comply with Advertising Standards Authority code of practice and with other standards relating to NZ advertising.

3. Ads placed in TSGS website will not give rise to liability on our part, or in a claim against TSGS and/or its associates.

4. The advertiser indemnifies us against losses or costs from any breach of warranties by the advertiser, and from costs incurred in making corrections or amendments in accordance with the terms that follow.

5. By placing an ad the advertiser grants TSGS a perpetual, royalty free license to reproduce it in any print or electronic media we offer now or in the future.

6. Where the advertiser uses our creative services they acknowledge we own the copyright. Such work is not work for which a commissioning payment has been agreed.

7. We may amend ads for style or other reasons with reasonable care, refuse to place an ad without reason, and may place an ad on the next available day if there is an error or delay in the process of placing your ad as booked.

8. Ad space may not be transferred to another person unless agreed by TSGS.

9. Consumer Guarantees Act guarantees are excluded where the advertiseracquires, or holds out as acquiring, goods or services from us for the purpose of a business.

10. Errors or omissions arise from the ads were advertiser’s sole responsibility. TSGS will not be liable for consequential loss, including to revenue or profit, from errors, omissions or failure to place an ad. If we are found to have any direct liability, it is limited to the ad’s cost.

11. Ads are charged in accord with current pricing contained and displayed within the TSGS website under Classifieds. Advertising placement in this site is not refundable. Modification of ad content may not be possible once processed by TSGS Advertising Team unless otherwise agreed by TSGS.